Can't win at internet poker?

So you think you can't win at internet poker? Ok, don't worry - we are here to help.

There are many things that you can do to turn your online poker play into a profitable venture. For example, being smart about the various poker deposit bonuses that are available can provide a big boost to your bankroll.

There are other things that you can do, too. Have a look around the various articles here - all of them are written with a view to improving your online poker experience, either through improving your game or just being clever about the various bonuses and promotions that are available to you.

Basically, if you are smart, and you know what you are doing, you can make money when you Play Online Poker - you just have to know how.

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Knock on effect of legal US Poker

Written By admin On November 28th, 2013

I’m not going to talk too much about the recent legalisation of online poker in New Jersey. To be honest, it has been done to death on most sites lately. Here at ActionDonkey we are all about the money, so let’s talk for a bit about the effects of legal US poker for everybody, not just the residents of NJ.

I’m not resident in NJ nor am I likely to be visiting there any time soon, so all the buzz about the legal moves in relation to online poker there are just so much gossip to me. As a European based poker player, I am interested to know how the banks and other payment processors will view online gambling now that it is somewhat legal in at least two US states (Nevada).

After the infamous UIGEA in 2005, some of you may remember that Neteller, the one time giant of online gambling payment processing, had to shut down their American customers after their CEO was arrested while waiting at an airport. There followed indictments, a settlement, and ultimately the withdrawal of account usage for US account holders.

Following on from that Paypal started to take a dim view of online gambling transactions that may have involved a U.S. citizen, or even a suspected U.S. citizen, or even a U.S. ip address. Even though they process payments for U.K. based gambling sites, any hint of American connections could get your account banned insta-quick.

Other well known online sites, such as Google, began to associate anything related to gambling with all the other bad stuff that is out there on the internets, and of course, some badly informed people began to associate gambling with all illegal activities.

So much for a free internet.

Well, now that NJ has legalised poker, and it is expected that some other states will soon follow suit, what will that mean for these payment processors? Will they suddenly start treating gambling transactions like most other ecommerce transactions? Will it be ok now to be an online poker player in their eyes, or will players still be put under heavy scrutiny?

It would appear that it will be another while until that question can be answered. As of right now, many NJ residents that are trying to play legal online poker are having difficulty making a legal deposit to their legal poker account. It seems that while NJ says poker is now legal, the UIGEA still says that transferring payments to online gambling sites is not legal, and that needs to be resolved ASAP.

I do think, and still hope, that a legal poker landscape in America will mean the relaxation of all restrictions that probably should never have been applied in other areas of the world. I live in hope.

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Making money from playing poker online

Written By admin On August 11th, 2012

It isn’t actually that difficult to make some money from playing online poker, even if you are not a particularly good player. In fact, even losing players can make a profit if they know what they are doing. Sometimes, the ability to play good poker is not the first thing that you need to make money from online poker.

One of the first things that you shuold do if you are having trouble with your game and your profitability is evaluate the poker room that you are playing in. Not all poker rooms suit all players, and maybe you are playing in a room that doesn’t suit your style.

Next, determine whether you are playing at the correct stakes for your ability and bankroll. Many good players come unstuck by playing above their bankroll limits. You don’t need the extra pressure of being underfunded when you are trying to make a profit froom the poker tables. Learn some basic bankroll management as a first step towards improving you overall money management strategy.

You should also try out the other variations of poker offered by many online poker rooms. there may be a different version of poker that is more suited to your style. Or switch from cash to tournaments (or the other way round) to see if a different style of game is more suitable – and profitable – for you.

There are dedicated online sites that will offer free training and coaching in return for signing up poker accounts through them. Some of those sites can be a great help if you are really interested in improving your game. If you think about it, poker training sites make a lot of sense because if you are getting better and playing more, then the site is making more money from you.

If none of that interests you, then you could go the ‘free money’ route. There are plenty of sites that offer free money to get you started. These bonuses may not make you a better poker player, but should help make you slightly wealther. You can get a good selection of the latest free poker bonuses through this link.
If you really can not win at online poker, do not persist in what you are currently doing. You must evaluate your entire game from as many angles as you can think of. Continuing to do what is costing you money is not the smart play here.

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Texas Hold’em Poker

Written By admin On April 11th, 2012

One kind of poker variety at casinos is that of community poker. These games feature community cards in the middle of the poker table. Any player can use these to build their poker hand.

Probably the best known kind of community poker at online casinos is texas holdem poker. It is also the easiest one for new players to learn.

When the game begins, players will have to place blinds and antes. After this, the cards are shuffled and each player is given two cards face down which are known as one’s hole or pocket cards. Players can look at these cards and another round of wagering ensues. This is known as the preflop round. Most players will want to remain in the game so they can see what cards are turned up on the flop. The flop occurs after wagering ends. The top card is discards and then the next three cards are dealt face up on the table as the flop. There are some of the community cards that all have access to use in building their poker hand.

After the flop, another round of betting occurs. After this the top card is again discarded and another community card is dealt face up on the table. This is known as the turn. Betting will follow the turn and often the betting gets serious and quite large. When the fifth and final community card is dealt on the table, this is known as the river.

Community cards on a poker table

Community cards on a poker table

Players now have access to seven possible cards, two in their hand and five on the table, to build their poker hand. A final round of betting happens and then the showdown. Players still in the game reveal their hands. The player with the largest hand wins. Texas Hold ’Em poker is one of the more exciting poker variations and can be found at many online casinos such as Ladbrokes Casino.

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888 Poker free £5 bonus

Written By admin On April 7th, 2012

888 Poker have a great deal for all new players that join their poker room – get £5 for free simply by registering an account.

This is the easiest free bonus to claim – all you need to do is register for a new 888 Poker player account and then verify your email address when they email you.

The free £5 or $8 is given to all new players from these countries;

United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, Netherlands, South Africa, India, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland.

You must not have an existing 888 poker player account, this is for new players only.

You can cash out your winnings and the bonus without having made a deposit after you have wagered 40 times the bonus money, that is £200 or $320. It is surprisingly easy to wager that amount though so don’t be put off by the numbers.


888 Poker £20 free

When you do decide to make a deposit you will still be entitled to the first deposit bonus deal of up to $400.

The 888 Poker initial deposit bonus is pretty good too, as it is released in increments of $10 for every 100 points that you generate at the poker tables. So you can use the poker rooms own money to release the rest of the bonus.

888 Poker does not accept players from the United States of America at this time.

888 uses their own poker software, and, even though they are not part of any network, they are still the fourth most popular online poker site.

They also have a fairly popular online casino and you will get a lot of casino players at the poker tables, which means that the action can be quite loose. As well as that, this free bonus promotion is attrating a lot of new players that are also loose players.

This can be a pretty good environment for making money, if you know what you are doing, and can stand the increased variance from having so many loose tables.

If we have missed anything you can get more details about the 888 Poker free 8 dollars here.

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No Deposit Bonuses at Sky Poker

Written By admin On February 26th, 2012

With no deposit bonuses at Sky Poker, the sky’s truly the limit. At Sky Poker, you can find players from all across the UK to play poker with, in anything ranging from tournaments to cash games to sit n gos, all with just a click of the mouse. (more…)

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Rules of Roulette

Written By admin On February 8th, 2012

Roulette wheel showing zeroBefore delving too deep into playing a new casino game, it is a good idea to take some time to learn the rules. Some players decide to go ahead and play and learn the rules as they go. While this method can work, it can also be quite expensive when making costly errors. (more…)

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Satellite Poker Tournaments

Written By admin On January 30th, 2012

Satellites are another name given to multi table and single table poker tournaments that do not pay out cash prizes, but instead pay out places for real world tournaments such as the World Series of Poker™. (more…)

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Legalizing Online Gambling

Written By admin On January 27th, 2012

There has been a lot of discussion about online gambling recently, with a number of proposed bills in the United States concerning online gambling being proposed, and some people think that it is only a matter of time until the US market is opened up once again for American poker players. (more…)

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Poker playing guidelines

Written By admin On October 14th, 2011

Poker offers both a mixture of skill and a mixture of luck, making it popular amongst a variety of players.

Poker can be played either at a land-based casino venue or alternatively online. Both options offer a great gambling experience. The land based casinos are now decorated to the nines and feature top shows and restaurants as well as the ultimate in the gaming experience. Meanwhile, online venues house a range of high tech features that almost make you feel like you are amidst the buzz of a real life casino. (more…)

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Vital tips for Poker online: pick your opportunities

Written By admin On August 3th, 2011

While Poker online can provide a good approximation of the thrills and spills of physical poker games, the fact that you cannot see other players faces and actions means that it can be harder to spot tells and possible bluffs. (more…)

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